WebSpecia Team Members

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of peoples

    webspecia team

    Amir Nasir

    Technical Adviser

    Email ID: amir@webspecia.com
    Facebook: Fb/amirnasir0
    Webspecia team

    Shashank Rayal

    Creative Head

    Email ID: shashank@webspecia.com
    Facebook: Fb/shashank.rayal
    Webspecia team

    Ankit Mamgain


    Email ID: crmankit@webspecia.com
    Facebook: Fb/ankit.mamgain.31
    Webspecia Team

    Tushar Petwal

    Sales Manager

    Email ID: tushar@webspecia.com
    Facebook: Fb/tushar.petwal
    Webspecia team

    Sudhanshu Rana

    Business Development Officer

    Email ID: sudhanshu@webspecia.com
    Facebook: Fb/sudhanshu.rana.14
    Webspecia Team

    Firdosh Khan

    Server Admin

    Email ID: firdosh@webspecia.com
    Facebook: Fb/firdosh4u
    Webspecia team

    Vikas Gupta

    Support Executive

    Email ID: vikas@webspecia.com
    Facebook: Fb/gupta004
    Webspecia team

    Nilesh Srivastava

    Support Executive

    Email ID: nilesh@webspecia.com
    Facebook: Fb/nilesh.srivastava.77
    WebSpecia Team

    Keshav Sharma

    UI Designer

    Email ID: keshav@webspecia.com
    Facebook: Fb/keshav.sharma.522

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